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wholesale Disposable Tourniquet

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Fan conical contoured curved shape Long Leg Adult limb Disposable 34”          
Item No.ZXD-I-007c
Size34" x 4"   (86X 10.5 CM)
Description1.Fan conical contoured shape Long Leg Adult limb Disposable 34"1. Contoured Pneumatic Cuffs, disposable,90-degree port to keep hose clear from the surgical site
2.Contour cuffs enhance comfort in patients with tapered limbs and reduce the risk of mechanical shearing  
3. single/dual bladder options
4. Latex-free and durable, manufactured to withstand any procedural demand.
5.  Disposable,no cleaning,no cross contamination risk.
a tourniquet cuff is to safely stop or restrict arterial blood flow into a portion of an extremity by applying a uniform circumferential pressure around the extremity at a desired location.
MaterialNylon,TPU /silicone tubing , quick released connector or lure lock
PackingSterile bag for each piece, 15pcs/ 20 pcs per box, 4boxes per carton
CertificateClass I sterile CE,ISO 13485
Shipping can by sea ,by air or via HL,TNT,UPS,FEDEX. Please chose the shipping way by yourself. If you need shipping by other method please contact US.
Q1:What is the advantage of the conical cuffs?
  Offer the majority of our tourniquet cuffs in conical shape. Conical cuffs have a curved design which feature a distal diameter smaller than its proximal diameter when applied to a patient. They offer an optimal distribution of pressure and greatly increase patient comfort. The improved fit for conical extremities lowers the risk of mechanical shear forces and guarantees an effective exsanguination.
Q2:When will the products be delivered if the order has been placed?
  For normal products,it will take less than half a month to produce,for customized products it will take 25-40 days for production.
Q3:Why do the goods have different color code?
  Different color is for easy size identification, 8” is light blue,12” wine red,18” red, 24” yellow,30” white, 34” blue, 44” green. Welcome customized color code.Manufacturers color-code their cuffs to assist the user in selecting the most appropriate cuff for the patient. The perioperative staff should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to determine the correct cuff size.
Passed the Class I sterile CE and ISO 13485 authentication.wholesale Disposable Tourniquet

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