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wholesale tapping screws

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Our History
Our Dyshine Industry Co.,Ltd is a professional fasteners manufactory in China.Our threaded rods factory was built in 2002 which was approved by ISO9001:2008 Standard.As growing,a single production line has been unable to meet the demands of our customers.In 2008,we bought some share in one screw factory,and nut factory,we established long-term cooperative relations with various fasteners manufactories.In 2011,we founded our own import and export company,so that will be easier for us to export our goods to our customers.After more than 10 years develop,we are more and more professional.
We offer fasteners about grade 4.8-12.9(ANSI Gr2-Gr5);blak,zinc plated,HDG,Dacrome,etc surface treatment;color box package,neutral carton package;Also,we can offer our customer stainless steel or brass fasteners.
Our dedication to customer service has helped us become one of the most respected fasteners distributors in the southeast and got good reputation in the word market.
Our Factory
Our factory covers an area of 6700㎡, with 60 workers, including 3 management,1 quality inspectors, 4 salers, 1 purchaser
Our Product
Threaded rods,Hex bolts,Hex nuts,Screws,Washers,Chains,Rigging,Anchors,Rivets,Stamping parts
Product Application
Our fasteners are widely used in the construction industry, furniture industry, decoration industry, railways, bridges, machinery and equipment parts
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
8 wire drawing equipments,8 straightening equipments,20 threaded equipments,3 heat treatment lines
Production Market
Our annual exports to the world is about $8 million
Our service
Fast reply,Fast deliverywholesale tapping screws

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